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Bugs and insects are hard to find during this time of the year, most of them are asleep or hibernating underground during winter. However, aphids or aburamushi (as they are called in Japanese) can still be found throughout winter. I have seen five kinds of aphids: green, yellow, black, red and brown aphids. Some observations: When green aphids mature their six green feet turn reddish purple.

The aphids can be seen in the centre of the photo, as seen through a magnifying glass.

Interesting Fact: Ants grow aphids as we might keep cattle. When the plant has no more nutrition to give up to the aphids, the ants carry the aphids off to feed on another plant!

How to get rid of aphids in the garden: use powder laundry detergent, dilute with a bucketful of water and spray down the infected plant. Try to avoid the flowers if possible because the flowers will wither.


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