kususan moth sakura leaf kunugi konara euna Kusu-san caterpillar

This caterpillar turns into the large brown kususan moth. The caterpillar loves leaves of cherry trees, chestnut trees, kunigi and konara oak (beech family) trees and the una tree

The oomizuao caterpillar which turns into the moth below eats the leaves of cherry trees, plum(prunus), apple and chestnut trees.

white moth

Next is the iraga caterpillar…


It turns into the iraga moth (ga means moth)below.

iraga moth

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Red headed moth, yet to be identified.

Marvelous Moth

We found this unidentified moth on the stairs leading to doorstep. Unfortunately, someone stepped on it the next day and it died. Moths don’t seem to have the quick reflexes that butterflies have.


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