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A longlasting flower very popular right now is the hanakanzashi. It’s known also as the Helipterum or the Rhodanthe anthemoides and ‘Paper Cascade’. In the Daisy family Compositae Hell-lip’ter-rum.

An important group of more than 60 species of garden everlastings from South Africa and Australia, widely grown for dried bouquets. Description Leaves alternate, often white-felty, without marginal teeth. Flowerheads wholly of disk flowers, generally yellow, chaffy, and maintaining their color for long periods. Bracts of the involucre below the flowerhead are green or petal-like and white, yellow, or rose-pink. How to Grow Sow seeds in late spring, but where summers are short, start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Transplant outdoors when the soil is warm. Grows best in full sun and sandy soil. Prefers warm weather.


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