Ajisai as they are known in Japanese) or hydrangeas (English) or Saxifragaceae (Latin) grow in light woodlands throughout Honshu, especially in Kanto and on the Izu coasts. There are mop-headed ones and there are lace-cap ones called gaku-ajisai. Gaku means picture frame. The tall climbing white ones are no. 1 most popular at the moment (according to a nearby florist) and they look really good above a picket fence. I thought it would be good fun to see how many shades I could pick out so here they are in gradation below (also note they have many petal shapes, whorly or flat or lacy). I am growing a deep red one which is bloom right now but I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

  H2 Hydrangeas3456910131217181920Hydrangea-lilac-lacecap212223Hydrangea-pink24VFTS01972526271615

Posted on April 26


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