Yamabuki with single flowers
Yamabuki with single flowers









The Kerria or Japanese Yellow Rose or Mountain Rose or “yamabuki” in Japanese which literally means “mountain breath” or mountain breeze. 

When the yamabuki blooms, it blooms in profusion. It is a terrific plant will thrive in the shadiest parts of your garden and it is real hardy too.  The flowers can be single or double.

Did you know the flower’s color is associated is associated with gold and bribes? (You will if you read my blog last spring) Yamabuki color is the color of gold and bribes. Wealthy courtiers visiting the Ide-Tamagawa River’s pleasure district were said to be idling their time away and “scattering gold coins as the Yamabuki scatters golden petals.” 

Yamabuki with double flowers

Yamabuki with double flowers












The river in Kyoto is famous for the yellow rose-lined banks. Much is written and painted about the yamabuki in poetry (refer to the Manyoshu and Tale of the Genji) and in art. See this page for more on the Japanese idea of aesthetic beauty and mono-aware sensibilities.


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