idesia polycarpa berriesIdesia polycarpa berries borne in panicles

These beautiful edible red berries, borne on 4 to 8 inch panicles are from the Idesia polycarpa tree, also known as iigiri (イイギリ) in Japanese.

Idesia polycarpa tree

Idesia polycarpa is a medium large deciduous tree, 40 to 60 feet wide that grows with a pyramidal shape but gets rounder as it matures. It has dark green summer foliage with heart shaped leaves. It blooms from early to late fall with fragrant small yellow-green flowers, borne on 5 to 6 inch panicles.

Polination requires both male and female tree. The tree is useful for landscaping being not seriously bothered by pests. It prefers loose, moist, well drained soil and full sun. Excellent tree for large landscaping such as parks where trees can be massed for effect. Native to Japan, China.

These trees were at the Inokashira Park in Tokyo.


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