Wild Yellow Oxalis

Yellow oxalis


This wild oxalis flower is about 3 mm in diameter. There are lots of different kinds of oxalis. From big garden varieties to the small wild species. Pink and yellow ones are also very common wayside weeds.

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Ornamental candycane red & white striped varieties from South Africa are also available and in vogue recently.

Oxalis is the largest  genus or group in the wood sorrel family Oxalidaceae. Of the approximately 900 known species in the Oxalidaceae, 800 belong to  the Oxalis. I think this one is called Pink Oxalis or Oxalis articulata. Wood sorrels are found throughout most of the world, except for the polar areas. The plants are annual or perennial.








 Pink oxalis



The leaves are divided into three to ten or more round, heart-shaped or lanceolate leaflets, arranged in a whorl with all the leaflets of roughly equal size. The majority of species have three leaflets.

The leaves are similar to those of some clovers.  But clovers differ in having the leaflets not in a whorl, and of unequal size with two smaller side leaflets and one larger central leaflet. The flowers have five petals. The roots are either tubers or bulbs – these have bulbs.


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