Why are grasshoppers green?

Grasshoppers have body fluids called hemolymph that carry no oxygen. Because the hemolymph, that circulates nutrients through the body and that carries metabolic wastes to be excreted, does not carry oxygen – this grasshopper “blood” is green.Caelifera or Short-horned Grasshoppers don’t eat meat – they are herbivorous insects. They are of the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera of the Animal Kingdom. Short-horned grasshoppers are supposed to be different from bush crickets(British English) or katydids (American English).

little grasshoppers

I saw this grasshopper early summer, all the grasshoppers were very little and could fit in my palm.

bata in hand

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Grasshoppers are called bata in Japanese. My mum spotted this “bata” or grasshopper. It’s very likely a tonomosama-bata.

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I didn’t think that grasshoppers came out so early in spring. They are supposed to be late spring to summer insects. This must be one of the early or even first grasshoppers to emerge this year. It’s a very young grasshopper too.


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