Brunfelsia or Nioi-banmatsuri

Brunfelsia or nioi-banmatsuri (nioi means fragrant) in the eggplant family. A traditional favourite around here, probably because of its scent. I think it’s kind of a plain, grey-looking plant, exceot when in bloom  which is when one gets bowled over by the fragrance. Usually, grown in a pot by the entrance of some homes in Japan. 

They are evergreen shrubs of about 30 species from tropical America, all with flowers that change colour over several days. This one will grow masses of violet, lilac and white scented flowers. Common names are Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Kiss Me Quick.

Botanic name: Brunfelsia bonodora (B. latifolia)

 The genus name Brunfelsia (often incorrectly spelt Brunsfelsia) is that of the sixteenth century German monk, Otto Brunfels. The species name, bonodora, is from the Latin, and like the Japanese name means ‘sweet-smelling’.

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