Forests on the fringe

Japan is a land that that has the greatest biodiversity richness in tree species in the temperate world – due to the heavy rainfall in the land. 2005 forestry figures showed that 66.6% of the land of Japan is still forested although that figure dwindles little by little every year.  The real Japanese forest looks like the one in the photo above – very wild but many of the forests cut down today have been replaced by neat rows of Japanese cedar or pine trees which are ver y poor in the understory, and consequently offer poor support for wildlife. If you look carefully you can see the urban sprawl beyond this forest. This is the last large forest called the Ikuta Green Land. The green space boundary is formed by the Tama River that separates the huge metropolis sprawl that stretches from Tokyo to Yokohama, that is the largest in the world. We live on this side of the Tama River.


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