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This is where I went fishing with my sister and father, and another Japanese family. We caught 20 trout.

Doshi village, a part of the Tanzawa mountain range, is located in the southeast part in Yamanashi Prefecture, and the southern side is next to Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a village along the Doshi River, a tributary of Sagami River. Long ago, the Doshi River used to be a river rich in wildlife and was famous for “ayu”, “yamame” and the Doshi River supported many fishermen who made a living from fishing the plentiful river trout.

But as the Doshi River supplied Kanagawa Prefecture and particularly Yokohama city (Japan’s second largest city) with water supplies, a big dam bank was constructed and so the river’s resources and wildlife disappeared quickly along with fishermen’s livelihoods. Daily the Doshi River supplies 172800 tons (and has been since 1897 (Meiji 30)) of drinking water to Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City.

It is a nice place to visit anytime of the year because it is one of the few places in Japan that is uninfiltrated by mosquitoes. During the day, it was pleasantly warm but at night it was chilly with temperatures plunging to 2 degrees Celcius which was too cold for me! Whereas the cherry tree blossoms have long left our parts, the yaezakura trees could still be seen coming into bloom around our campsite.

226Here we are cleaning our catch of the day.




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