This plant called the Scaevola aemula has a lovely common name – the Fairy Fan Flower. It comes from Australia where it can be found growing along the New South Wales and Victorian coastlines as low growing perennial herbs; it is a member of the family Goodenaceae. They are getting popular here and from spring through to the end of summer these flowers can be admired. The flowers have a beautiful fan shape.  The flowers grow at various points along the stems and they decrease in size from the top to the bottom of the plant.

It is fast growing and flowers prolificly. It is recommended for growing in pots as well as garden beds as well as ground covers. It also is good for attracting birds and insects. Seeds or cuttings can be used to propagate this plant. The seeds need to be sown fresh and the cutting need to be semi-ripe. The cuttings need to be placed in a sand-filled container and kept at warm temperatures. These plants are frost sensitive and do not do well in colder areas. S. aemula also requires well-drained sandy soil and a good sunny position. Hmmm… I think I will get this plant.


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