Cliff headland

Jogashima beach and rocks

During the weekend, I went to the Jogashima beach with my family. It’s one of my favorite beaches and I’ve been there five times. This was the first time however that I saw the lilies blooming  all over the cliffs and dunes.

lilies growing wildlilies

Most of the sand dunes are covered in vegetation that’s wild and at first glance not very interesting.

dune plant life2dune flowers 

But when you bother to look carefully, you start to see the flowers.

dune flowerdune flowers2dune legumes

Going back to the carpark, there were some flowers too.

flowering treeMagnolia

Flowers at the Jogashima coastMarigold

Anyway, my summer holidays begin right now. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s coz I’ve gone fishing and bug-catching. — Posted on June 30.


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