Pretty in Pink & Purple no. 5

Eremophila maculata. Common name: Flowering Spotted Emu Bush. It grows in semi-arid regions on clay soils on flood plains of eastern and central Australia. Flowers most of the year, but especially in winter and spring.

The largest number of species is located in Western Australia; the greatest density being in the Eremaean Botanical Province, centred on the Willuna area. It is represented by two genera, Eremophila R. Br. and Myoporum Sol. ex Forster f..

Eremophilas have been used in Aboriginal tribal life in both cultural and medicinal roles. Plant material has been used in ceremonial rites, extracts and decoctions of plant parts have been used as liniments, medicines and antiseptics. The resinous exudants from some species, being used as sealants and adhesives. Source: “Eremophila: The Emu Bush” by Colin Jennings


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