I went camping to Doshi Village which is a part of the Tanzawa Mountain Range. You can see a number of native trees putting on a spectacular display. Below are some of the trees that I saw.

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Mountain camellias grow very large unlike camellias that we think of as bushes and hedges in town gardens. Doshi Village is part of the Tanzawa mountain range. It is a nice place to visit anytime of the year because it is one of the few places in Japan that is uninfiltrated by mosquitoes. During the day, it was pleasantly warm but at night it was chilly with temperatures plunging to 2 degrees Celcius which was too cold for me! Whereas the cherry tree blossoms have long left our parts, the yaezakura trees could still be seen coming into bloom around our campsite.

Kerria japonica Kerria japonica

Yellow kerria japonica roses were blooming by the Doshi River where it begins to turn into Lake Yamanaka.

Magnolia stellata

It’s really hard to get closeup to a magnolia stellata (star magnolia) which is native to beech forests in Japan. Those that I catch sight of are usually too tall to photograph, and this was a young sapling.


Rhododendron are to watch out for … they put on a spectacular display in the mountains.


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