Doudantsutsji bush

The owner of an established Enkianthus such as this – is someone to be envied.


Packed with blooming bells, the Enkianthus is truly an arresting sight. The Enkianthus is a native of Japan.

Doudantsutsuji or Enkianthus perulatus. Common name: Snow Bells. Enkianthus comes from “enkyos” which means “pregnant” and “anthos”  and perulatus or pelate means “with scales” which means “flower” so the name means “swollen flower”. 

Another name is Akatuki which means Daybreak, possibly referring to the red color of dawn. The plant is popular in gardens as a fall foliage accent.

A medium-sized deciduous shrub with beautiful red stems and red-to-orange shade of leaves. It also has graceful and elegant snow-bell flowers (either white or pink).


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