If you like the color of gold, September (and October) have got to be your favorite months in Japan. Everywhere you turn trees ablaze in golden fruit and sometimes leaves, grab your attention.

It starts with the grasses, the thistles turn golden, and of course, the Japanese plume grasses. Sengokuhara Plain in Hakone is where crowds flock to see the fields of gold.


Quiz: What’s the difference between the two kinds of grasses?

Answer: A) Suzuki form clumps. B) Ogi spread outwards. The flowers of the ogi droop gracefully and are longer and thicker than those of the Suzuki.


A. Susuki

This picture shows the Susuki plume grass or Miscanthus sinensis, growing in a clump. It is this grass which is used to thatch roofs in Japan.




B. Ogi This picture shows the Ogi grasses or Miscanthus sacchariflorus which love marshy areas. Thatched house, Shirakawago


The roof of this house in the World Heritage site, Shirakawago is thatched with miscanthus grass.

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  1. Miscanthus is a favorite of mine for Portland landscaping. Even in my own landscape.

    Just finished dividing those ornamental grasses in our own yard a few weeks ago. Which provide more new plants, or gifts for other home gardeners.

    Its a durable, graceful and attractive plant.

    MDV / Oregon

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