Look at this picture, you’ll see that the stem seems to grow right through the each leaf or to pierce through the leaves, hence this honeysuckle’s name Pierced Honeysuckle.

scarlet trumpet honeysuckle

Japan has its own varieties of Japanese honeysuckles but gardeners have come to like the western honeysuckle (L. sempervirens), which has clusters of colorful pink buds that open to pale yellow. In Japanese this species is called tsukinukinindo meaning “pierced honeysuckle,” because the stem appears to pierce through its clasping leaves. I found the honeysuckle above growing in a cascade of flowers in an English hedgerow, and even after keeping the sprigs in a vase for a week, new buds were still opening and sending out an exquisite perfume, especially at night. Source: Linda Inoki, Japan Times

Triumph of the Trumpet Honeysuckle hedge


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