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Rhododendron degronianum. I have this one planted in my border garden. It looks as if someone painted the pollen stigmas with gold or silver paint.

The Japanese were raising hybrids of R. indicum and R. tamurae in the 17th century, though it is certain that the plants were appreciated way before then since they can be found on all the mountains. The Japanese book “A Brocade Pillow” which was published in 1692 carefully describes and classifies the color patterns of these plants which are called Satsuki Azaleas today.

See History of Rhododendron

red & silver rhododendrons








Purple rhododendrons in Okamura Park

Purple rhododendrons in Okamura Park

By the way, what is the difference between a rhododendron and an azalea?

1. An azalea is an evergreen rhododendron except for a few odd species that do shed their leaves but are still called azaleas.

2. Rhododendrons have ten or more stamens, while Azaleas have five.”  – Source: The Flower Expert 

3. A deer will often times ignore a rhododendron, but will eat an azalea.


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