Flowering annual plants called Nemophila.  Nemophila comes from the Greek, meaning “wood-loving”.

Most of the species in Nemophila contain the phrase “baby blue-eyes” in their common names. N. menziesii has the common name of “Baby blue-eyes”. N. parviflora is called the “Smallflower baby blue-eyes” and N. spatulata is called the “Sierra baby blue-eyes”…with one exception the one called Five Spot.

Nemophila are found in the genus of the family Hydrophyllaceae. Most are native to southern United States.

Nemophila are a staple in Japanese gardens for groundcover and complementary planting (see nemophila in the background) as well as show specimen planting (see bottommost photo).

Nemophila at the Hitachi Seaside Park (source: Wikimedia)

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  1. pfmonoga said:

    It’s so beautiful
    Thank you very much. I’ve looking for the name of this flower.

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