Clematis for color

This one looks like a hybrid of clematis armandii. The clematises here have names that are very different from the usual English names. In the past weeks, every sort of clematis has gone on sale, with photos of every sort of colour and doubles, semi doubles, to singles, all number of petals and bell-shaped to star-shaped ones. The bright yellow or lemony yellow ones and crimson red ones are novelties this year.

clematis1 Cat in a Hat, Sam I Am … Would you like a ham, would you, would you? Doesn’t this heading sound like it came from those books? Well I couldn’t think of anything. I’d already posted Clematis Clout and Clamour for this Clematis. There are more than 400 species of clematises, follow the links below to more fascinating info about the plant.

clematis2clematis3star clematis4

A Brief History of Clematis

Howells’ Gardeners’ Classification of Clematis

Pruning the Twelve Groups of Clematis

Round the Year Care of Clematis

Five Ways of Combining Roses and Clematis

Twelve Easy Combinations of Roses and Clematis

Exploding Myths About Clematis

Clematis for North Facing Walls

John Howells’ Work on Stem Rot (Clematis Wilt)


If you Lovetoknow about clematises click here.


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